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Genome Editing for Crop Improvement

Focus Area: Traits

At Corteva Agriscience™, we are leaders in CRISPR-Cas research for agricultural products, especially for crops including maize, soybean, canola, wheat, and sorghum. Because we believe in the potential of CRISPR-Cas to improve crops, we are dedicated to enabling the broader research community and encouraging wide adoption of CRISPR-Cas in agriculture. By facilitating access to the technology, we intend to help solve some of the world’s biggest food security challenges. 

As part of this effort and our commitment to building strong partnerships, Corteva invites scientists from academic and nonprofit research institutions to submit brief, non-confidential proposals for gene edits that have the potential to improve maize, soybean, canola, wheat, or sorghum.  For selected proposals awards include genome editing vector design and synthesis, seed from gene edited plants of the chosen crop, and an opportunity to engage with our scientists on topics such as gene editing and transformation methods for trait and crop improvement.  Awardees will be expected to perform phenotypic analysis of the edited plants and to share those results with Corteva and the broader research community through scientific publication.  Subsequent collaborative opportunities with Corteva may be available.

At Corteva Agriscience, our goal is to develop effective, sustainable, and durable solutions to agricultural challenges. We invite the research community to join in our efforts to improve crops through CRISPR-Cas gene editing.

Update: Given the unprecedented circumstances due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are extending the submission date to 8pm EST May 31, 2020 to allow potential submitters additional time to prepare proposals.

Who Should Apply

Scientists from academic or nonprofit research institutions in the United States or Canada


Vector design and synthesis
Scientific consultation
Gene edited seed

Submission Date

May 31, 2020

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