Focus Areas

We are interested in partnerships and collaborations in the following focus areas.


We develop traits, both biotech and native, in support of sustainability, quality and higher yield potential.

We are interested in collaborations that target:

  • Native gene targets for increased disease resistance
  • Biotech and native insect control methodologies
  • Novel herbicide resistance targets
  • Improved quality output traits



Opportunities (2)

Plant Breeding

Our breeding programs, resulting in one of the most extensive germplasm libraries in the world, combine 90+ years of innovation and expertise for continued genetic gain.

We are interested in collaborations that target:

  • Natural diversity in our crop products
  • Crop growth modeling
  • Methods for driving recombination
  • Model crop systems and technologies using relevant surrogates for crops in the environment
  • New phenotyping methods
  • Artificial intelligence application for breeding programs

Enabling Technologies

We develop new plant breeding tools (CRISPR-Cas), improve crop transformation, and deploy new, high-throughput genotyping and phenotyping technologies.

We are interested in collaborations that target:

  • Efficient and flexible genome-editing technologies
  • Next generation transformation technologies
  • Single-plant, cell-based, high-throughput genotyping platforms
  • Non-destructive, high-throughput plant phenotyping technologies for field and controlled environments
  • Automated tissue sampling
  • Sensor platforms for in-field continuous characterization of soil composition and microclimates



Opportunities (3)

  • Cluster Analysis (closed)

    CHALLENGE GRANT: We are looking for individuals capable of developing and implementing algorithms which will automate the classification of scatterplots that have been previously clustered and obviate the need for human review.

  • Stalk Integrity (collaborating)

    We are interested innovative approaches to accelerate phenotyping in the field with non-destructive methods for measurement of corn stalk integrity

  • Insect Cell Culture (under review)

    We are interested in working with external groups to develop insect midgut epithelial cell culture systems, which maintain their physiological relevance over time.


In addition to our advanced genetics, seeds are complemented with biological treatments that enhance plant protection and yield.

We are interested in collaborations that target:

  • Novel insect, disease, nematode and weed control actives through the screening of diverse microbial libraries
  • Improvement or stabilization of microbial products and delivery systems

Digital Solutions

We create differentiating, predictive agriculture tools that generate actionable outputs to growers.

We are interested in collaborations that target:

  • Improved analytics of drone and satellite imaging data for plant health diagnostics, disease/insect pressure and yield prediction
  • Deployment of sensor platforms for in-field continuous monitoring of soil characteristics and microclimates
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Crop Protection

We innovate in the areas of new active ingredients and formulations for crop protection.

We are interested in collaborations that target:

  • Natural or synthetic pest control actives with novel modes of action
  • Improved formulation and delivery systems
  • Improved seed applied technologies
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Opportunities (1)

  • Natural Products

    We are seeking a material supply of pure compounds that are natural products or natural product-derived small molecules