Our Vision

Much has changed since the founding of the Hi-Bred Corn Company in 1926.

What hasn’t changed is our set of core values, and the conviction that our success and that of our customers is dependent on long-term relationships and collaborations.


About Open Innovation

We use the science of the lab and the land to maximize productivity and sustainability of the world's farmland to enhance food security.

We accomplish this through two main strategic approaches:

  • Collaborate with thought leaders and innovators around the world to access and develop the most innovative technologies; and
  • Rapidly deploying those innovative technologies through organizations that are good stewards of those technologies

We maintain an unwavering commitment to the development and deployment of innovative and sustainable agricultural solutions for the greater good.

“Farmers expect complete solutions for managing their farms and consumers want a plentiful and healthy food supply. At Corteva Agriscience™, we collaborate with the world's brightest minds in the pursuit of transformational agricultural innovations to meet customer and consumer needs.”


Neal Gutterson

Corteva Agriscience™


Collaborating with Corteva Agriscience

Growing long-standing relationships happens when we listen to our customers and develop strong R&D collaborations. We strive to do what's right: operating with fairness, honesty and openness with all our stakeholders and collaborators.


How We Create Value

We form alliances between our scientists and innovators to identify, develop and implement solutions that address the challenges growers face, and address consumer desires. These solutions help our customers and stakeholders across the value chain exceed their goals through new markets and opportunities.



Our Commitment

We aim to be a preferred collaborator and responsible environmental steward by producing the best products on the market with the most innovative technologies. It's a commitment that helps us ensure current and future food, feed, fuel and materials are produced in a safe and sustainable way.




Our core values—safety and health, the highest ethical standards, environmental stewardship and respect for people—are the foundation for everything we do, and ensure that we take a thoughtful approach to our sustainability efforts.